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Our dependable and insured personnel can assist you with any aspect of your renovation project. Expressive Painting & Construction has the skills and experience to install a new floor or a new window.  Just one phone contact will get you one step closer to completing your remodelling job.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations

When you renovate, these are the two rooms that will add the greatest value to your home. And, let’s face it, you spend a significant amount of time in them, so why not make them more organized, efficient, and appealing?

For example, you may increase the size of your bathroom to accommodate a vanity with two sinks, or you can remove a wall between the kitchen and dining area to create a more modern “Great Room” vibe. The possibilities for kitchen and bathroom improvements are nearly limitless. That is why it is ideal to engage with a professional remodeler who can listen to your goals, present solutions depending on your budget, and deliver results that match the industry’s highest standards.

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