Waterproofing a home is an important aspect of any home construction project. We don’t want our houses to leak every now and again. As a result, practicing waterproofing ensures that the construction retains its strength and beauty for a long time.

House waterproofing should be considered while developing a new home as well as when restoring an existing one. 

Reasons why current homes should consider waterproofing:

  • Avoids the inconveniences of repeated repairs
  • Ends the problem of damaged interiors
  • Avoids health problems caused by moisture.

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-Avoids Frequent Leaks
-Increases the structure’s durability
-Reduces Recurring Expenses

Waterproofing involves lining various aspects of your house with a waterproof membrane to prevent water entry into the structure. Waterproofing will reduce humidity and moisture inside the building hence preventing any damage they may cause to the house.

Cracking and swelling tiles can happen when flat surfaces aren’t properly waterproofed in a shower. These are signs that moisture is getting into the walls

Without a shower floor and shower wall waterproofing membrane, grout joints can gradually absorb water and lead to water damage, putting flooring, drywall, and even wooden wall studs at risk of water damage and mold growth over time

Moisture damage is a common concern for homeowners. Improperly handled, moisture can be very harmful both to people and buildings.

Waterproofing Categories:

Bentonite Waterproofing

Bituminous waterproofing

Below Grade Waterproofing

Elevator Pit Waterproofing

Balcony & Deck Waterproofing

Elastomeric Wall Coating

Clear Sealers

Negative & Positive Side Waterproofing

Cementitious Waterproofing

Polyurethane Waterproofing

Leak Analysis and Troubleshooting

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