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Ready to make a makeover in your kitchen without the price and effort of replacing everything? When done correctly, a fresh coat of paint on kitchen cabinets may totally transform the look of your kitchen on a shoestring price.

We’ll collaborate with you to design the ideal look for your kitchen. First, decide on the type of finish you want. If you want a solid color, we can paint the cabinets or re-stain them to show off the wood grain.

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Kitchen remodeling projects can quickly become prohibitively expensive. They also take a little longer than expected, which can be extremely inconvenient. Cabinet painting and refinishing is another option for giving your kitchen a completely new look without all of the work.

There are numerous advantages to selecting cabinet painting over a full-scale renovation: much quicker than tearing down old cabinets and installing new ones, installing new cabinets is more expensive, it allows you to keep the same cabinet layout as before, and avoids throwing out perfectly good materials just to try out a new color.

While you may not believe that a simple coat of paint can make such a difference, you will be pleasantly surprised. You’ll be astounded at the dramatic difference that painting or refinishing your existing cabinets will make.

Now that you’ve decided to give your kitchen a new look, it’s time to get inspired! Maintain a classic look by painting your cabinets a crisp white for a look that is incredibly versatile and goes with almost any style of decor.

If you want to make a statement, choose a darker color for your cabinets to create a more modern look. If you really want to make a statement with your kitchen island, add a splash of color.

Latex paints are often the best choice for kitchen cabinets, especially acrylic paints. Water-based acrylic paint will have no chemical odor, unlike oil-based paint, and is water-resistant and easy to clean — all-important distinctions for working in a kitchen space.

Painting kitchen cabinets is a good idea. It’s a relatively speedy way to transform the room when the existing finish feels dated, the cabinets look tired, or simply to bring a new aesthetic to the kitchen.

It is cheaper to paint kitchen cabinets than it is to replace them. On average, you’ll spend $775 to paint your kitchen cabinets, but replacing them can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $25,000.

Although professionally painted cabinets should last 8-10 years there are a few factors that can drastically impact your cabinet’s lifetime, requiring repainting only 3-4 years later. How long your kitchen cabinets will last depends largely on the way the paint was applied, and with what tools.

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